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About the Hub Community Bike Shop

The HUB is an inviting community space and non-profit organization in downtown Bellingham, WA. Built for the most serious bicyclists and newbies alike, we opened back in 2002 to do something other bike shops in town weren’t doing – build awesome custom bikes while doing good for the community and environment.

In 2018, we were forced to move out of the facility we had called home for 16 years due to redevelopment, but we are now beginning another leg of our journey in a new location just a few blocks away. The setting has changed, but the core of our mission and our love for bicycles remain as true as ever!

What do we do?

We keep waste from landfills by building refurbished and custom bikes with donated parts. We offer full-service repairs and tune-ups, in addition to a self-repair station if you know how to fix it yourself. Volunteer opportunities are available, and we also work with local organizations to get bikes into the hands that need them. Plus, we know how to throw quite the shindig, just ask anyone who has attended our pancake feed or Halloween party!

How it works:


People donate bikes

We accept donations in the form of bicycles or parts, which can be dropped off during our open hours, though we encourage you to call in advance because we can’t accept ALL donations at this time. We will process whatever parts we can use and recycle the rest, keeping materials out of the landfill. Bike shops are also welcome to donate unwanted bikes and parts, which can be used as a tax write-off. You can also kindly contribute to The Hub on our Donate Page. Sorry, but we don’t purchase bicycles or accept trades of any kind.


We restore bikes

Restoring a bike from salvage to reliable, working condition can be a long and difficult process. We work hard to ensure that the bikes we build function better than they did brand-new, combining artistry with technical knowledge to build one-of-a-kind creations that have personality and functionality. The time that it takes to achieve this is well worth the effort! When buying a used bike, there’s a big difference between what we offer and what you’ll find at a garage sale or on Craigslist.


We sell bikes & parts

Our bikes are fairly priced while delivering a superb product. The value of each bicycle is the sum of the starting “as-is” bike, labor costs, and new parts and accessories. New parts we may add include the chain, cassette, brake pads, cables and housing, tires, grips, handlebars and more. Accessories like racks, fenders and baskets are often added as well. See our Bikes Page to view new and available bikes that we have built or refurbished, or contact us and tell us about what you are looking for in a bicycle. We also keep a large selection of reasonably priced new and used bike parts in stock as well.


You can fix your bike

Our community space is an ideal environment for bicyclists to perform tune-ups and self-repairs. Common repairs include fixing a skipping drive-train, fixing a wheel, replacing brake pads and more. If you can’t find what you need from our extensive used inventory, we offer affordable new bike parts for whatever needed repair. Our full-service repair shop will take care of anything that you may not be able to fix yourself, with the exception of suspension systems or hydraulic disc-brakes. For those types of repairs, please check out one of these recommended shops.

*Note: if you’re looking for full-suspension MTB parts or repairs, we may not meet your criteria for a typical retail experience. We have created a list of other bike shops on our site that can assist you.

Hub Board of Directors

Kyle Morris – Executive Director

Kyle Morris is the original founder and manager of The Hub Community Bike Shop. He and the other talented mechanics that work at the Hub keep things running on a daily basis. You’ll often see Kyle riding a tall-bike or any number of rusty cruisers around town with his trusty pup, Foxy.

Chelsea Jepson – Treasurer

Chelsea Jepson entered the scene when her business, Tide Lines, was located on the South Bay trail, near the OG Hub. She has always appreciated all that the Hub provides for the Bellingham community and as Treasurer, she hopes to help secure a permanent location for the Hub men to hang their hats, spread the love and stash their treasure trove of metal. When not crunching numbers and brainstorming rainbows, she and her husband love to take off on a bike tour and get lost on two wheels.

Travis Meyer – Vice President

Travis Meyer has worked at the Community Food Co-op for several years, and he enjoys biking to work as well as around the city of Bellingham and the greater Pacific Northwest every chance he gets. With a professional background in management and retail supervision in community-focused businesses, Travis brings a unique perspective to the Hub’s board of directors.

Ellie Price – Secretary

Ellie recently moved to Bellingham, Washington where she lives with her husband and two leash-trained cats. Ellie became involved with the Hub when she brought her bike in for a tune up and learned how to do her own bike maintenance for the first time. Now she wants to spread that feeling of empowerment to everyone and volunteers on the Hub’s board in order to do that. When Ellie is not biking around town, she is mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, backpacking, paddling, and generally spending time outside in her local community.

Noel Abbott – President

Noel Abbott is the co-founder of HappyChap Creative, a marketing agency located in downtown Bellingham on Cornwall Ave. He’s also a regular Trailer Wars competitor, and enjoys contributing his video production abilities to promote the Hub and our various events.