The 10 stories and urban myths of Chile Most Popular

Posted on January 14, 2022 at 7:06 pm.

The 10 stories and urban myths of Chile Most Popular

The primary stories and misconceptions of Chile is associated with beautiful and ruthless girls, magical wild birds, leaders and mythological marine creatures. In each zone of the country various stories are available, as well as are part of the Chilean tradition.

Chile, like other countries in the South United states nations, keeps a millenary tradition which includes produced a particular mythology through generations. These symptoms narrated popularly need consequences when you look at the Chilean people these days, producing great rooting.

The set of myths and stories that represent Chilean mythology has its own source in happenings and techniques that previously had a ritual character. These became a tradition after a while, adapting every single latest historical and personal time without shedding the essence of the information.

a country like Chile was and is still the home of numerous ethnicities and countries which have live years. From this it gets that urban myths and legends of Chile bring regional characteristics, according to their own host to origin, even becoming classified under these conditions.

These symptoms have already been broken down from north, central and southern regions of Chilean territory, like tales and stories of remote sovereign regions, particularly Easter Island additionally the Chilo? archipelago.

Top 10 Legends and Myths of Chile

1- Los Angeles Lola

This legend is one of the most popular amonst the mining forums of northern Chile. It centers all over look of a lady dragging a black coffin where sit the stays of their murdered spouse. She exhibits herself to boys as an attractive woman; as long as they arrive and follow the woman, they perish.

The storyline says to that the woman comes in love and works away from the girl house with a miner. After that starts to end up being a victim of deception, so she chooses to destroy the girl spouse with a dagger. The lady flees with the mountains with shouts, sugar baby uk to reappear after, disheveled and ready to murder which killed her spouse.

2- The Pachayatas

The legend associated with Pachayatas informs an appreciate story between two men, prince and princess, belonging to rival people. Both people attempt to end the partnership of enthusiasts; however, give up continuously.

Ahead of the power within this appreciation, characteristics together with gods deliver signals towards people so that they change their particular personality and allow young people are along; they overlooked.

Confronted with impotence, both tribes lose the students princes. The gods penalized the tribe by sending natural whips into the region, until there seemed to be nothing left with no any left. Over time two lakes had been created in identical place where in actuality the tribes stayed, in homage to your passion for both enthusiasts.

3- The Alicanto

It is a mythological creature from north and central area for Chile. It’s a delightful bird in sight, unable to travel, that wanders through woodlands and mountains.

People say that whomever employs it is directed to countless treasures, if the bird becomes conscious it really is accompanied, it’s going to mislead anyone, leading to her reduction and demise.

4- The lagoon of this Inca

The legend looks rather than the same label: a lagoon that’s considered provide the Inca Illi Yupanqui to go out of their unique feathers of enjoy. The Inca prince laments since Princess Kora-lle passed away. Yupanqui, struggling to help save their, transferred the woman human anatomy inside lagoon, whose oceans switched a pinkish shade.

In Inca the guy wept their cherished till the conclusion of their times. You can find hearsay that indicate that today you can easily nonetheless listen the cries of Illi Yupanqui regarding the finance companies in the lagoon that holds their identity.

5- La Calchona

This legend centers around witchcraft and says to the story of a lady who’d potions to be a pet. She put them every evening to cover up from their parents, after enchantment- ing all of them so that they would not awake using their desires.

One night this lady young children discover the lady also take in the potions, becoming foxes. The father finds out them and, after obtaining to go back these to the normality, ruins all of the potions with the witch and actually leaves your house.

The woman comes back might just go back 50 % of their system to normal, wandering like a half-sheep and half-woman animal.

6- The Gualicho

For a number of on the Patagonian tribes, especially the Tehuelches, the Gualicho was a mythological organization that presents all evils that man can suffer; the worldwide evil.

The Gualicho cannot just take real type, but instead it really is connected with every thing pertaining to the surroundings who has onto it a sinister or dark load.

It was asserted that the Spaniards misinterpreted the unfavorable characteristics for this Aboriginal organization, contrasting it and distributing it the Catholic devil.

7- Ayayema

It really is another heart without particular kind; in cases like this, features an all natural evocation, getting the cause of strong gusts of wind that struck particular parts.

The regional people secure a chaotic, though maybe not completely evil figure. It actually was the Spaniards who had been responsible for demonizing him when you compare their steps with those of the devil.

It is said the Ayayema ??visits the trip camps. In case your check out is recognized through a powerful scent of decompose that’s considered announce the closeness, the camp ought to be moved to protect against Ayayema ??from destroying they.

8- Patagonian Leaders

This legend starts during the times during the the Spanish expeditions in south region.

The journals of explorers stumbled on discuss human being numbers more than two m large, with great bodily framework and interested and superstitious gestures.

9- La Pincoya

It really is an aquatic mythological creature with human type, with attributes similar to the sirens but without a bad personality.

The guy frequently emerges through the deepness on the water and walks throughout the shore, indicating to sea guys whether potential fishing shall be scarce or plentiful.


Truly very important deities on the Polynesian books, where comes into the world a unique misconception related to the production of globally.

The Make-Make displaced another gods by satisfying the prayers for delicacies the Polynesians rendered within their honor.