Dear Bellingham, well here we are in the “phase 2″ effort to re-open our economy. What a year it’s been! We will continue to exercise reasonable caution in an effort to minimize future transmission and potential spread of our new guest that may not go away for some time, the SARS-Covid 2 virus. Please observe and respect our restrictions and business policy regarding this still existing pandemic. We are open Thur.-Sat. 10-6 for drop off and pick up repairs, refurbished bike sales, and some over the counter parts sales. Our self-repair community tool share benches will not be available until further notice. Please bring a mask with you in case of close contact interactions with staff and pretty please be patient as our staffing is very limited and there is always so much to do and consider. We are still accepting parts donations with these exceptions: no clothing or shoes, no worn out tires or 29er’ tires (we have way too many and we’re waiting for a 29er’ revival?), no tubeless tires with mayonnaise or whatever goo is in them. We will consider some 24” wheeled bikes or larger (adult sized) bikes, we may not be able to take everything you have as space is very limited in our shop. We have started a new facebook group called “Free Wheels for the Children” in an attempt to connect families with kids bikes to give with families in need of kids bikes. This is strictly a sharing resource, $free-ninety-free, so no selling of bikes please (trading kombucha scobies o.k.). We will continue to update this message month to month to keep our community in the loop regarding the details of our operations. As always please feel free to give a call and leave us a message 360-255-2072 or reach out via e-mail Thanks so much for all the support! Lots of love to our sweet community. The Hub