The 10 stories and urban myths of Chile Most Popular

The 10 stories and urban myths of Chile Most Popular

The primary stories and misconceptions of Chile is associated with beautiful and ruthless girls, magical wild birds, leaders and mythological marine creatures. In each zone of the country various stories are available, as well as are part of the Chilean tradition.

Chile, like other countries in the South United states nations, keeps a millenary tradition which includes produced a particular mythology through generations. These symptoms narrated popularly need consequences when you look at the Chilean people these days, producing great rooting.

The set of myths and stories that represent Chilean mythology has its own source in happenings and techniques that previously had a ritual character. These became a tradition after a while, adapting every single latest historical and personal time without shedding the essence of the information.

a country like Chile was and is still the home of numerous ethnicities and countries which have live years. From this it gets that urban myths and legends of Chile bring regional characteristics, according to their own host to origin, even becoming classified under these conditions.

These symptoms have already been broken down from north, central and southern regions of Chilean territory, like tales and stories of remote sovereign regions, particularly Easter Island additionally the Chilo? archipelago.

Top 10 Legends and Myths of Chile

1- Los Angeles Lola

This legend is one of the most popular amonst the mining forums of northern Chile. Continue reading…