Polyamorous Psyche. On the ex regarding the man I kissed at a festival 6 months ago

Polyamorous Psyche. On the ex regarding the man I kissed at a festival 6 months ago


As a polyamorous lady i’m usually vilified by ladies as you who will be in monogamous relationships and think threatened as I interact with their partners.

I am aware you feel injured, betrayed and vulnerable… but I’m here to spell out for you precisely why giving myself a note outlining in big details exactly why it’s my personal mistake your commitment is over wont recover some of that hurt, or solve the issues you’re today dealing with.

You notice, he had been the main one with a commitment, not myself. He had been the one that met with the responsibility to disclose their relationship condition and have respect for the guidelines of the commitment, not me.

Getting that responsibility on me perpetuates the social story that women were stuff.

Because that which you tell me, female just like me along with a circular about way, yourself whenever I am the item of your husband’s/boyfriend’s want it needs to be as much as me to end up being quieter or modest so he does not like me really. Once again, these objectives rotate around a man’s demands or desires. Perhaps not a woman’s, nor mine as an autonomous person.

My needs, desires or alternatives are never thought about.

Rather than having my different choices for wanting fulfilling polyamorous connections trustworthy by some other ladies when I would with their monogamous ones, they get to conclusions and believe first and foremost that I’m out to steal their particular man. And just their unique people.

There are a lot things incorrect because of this sentiment… the idea he’s “yours” to start with, the presumption i might desire his crusty dick anywhere close to me to begin with or that despite him becoming the one making use of the responsibility your relationship, it is still to myself, to many other females, to accomplish the emotional labor. Continue reading…