Cyclepro StepThru!

Posted on January 14, 2022

Arroyo Canyon, locals only yo! Just kidding, but what we are serious about is how friggin’ cute this bike is. This squeaky clean refurb is rollin’ on some comfy new rubber, shiftin’ and stoppin’ is smooth and easy with fresh cables and pads! Freshly greased, topped off with friction shifters and a perfect specimen of the best derailleur on the planet. (IYKYK)
Come take it for a spin, turn around, pay for it, and ride it home! Great for a short rider not to exceed 5’4″  Ready to go! $275+tax


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Not to be a total buzzkill, but this bike may already be purchased (we don't have one of those fancy auto-motated websites). Currently our in-store bike inventory is low and the bikes we do rehabilitate sell fast. Please call in advance to see what's available based on your height and riding preference, or if we don't have something that's a perfect fit, one of our supremely talented mechanics can build you the custom bike of your dreams.