Bike Maintenance classes starting Jan. 25th

That’s right! Bike care at your fingertips.  Fun and informative bike love sessions help to swell the spirit.  Come hang out with us Thur. Jan. 25th, 6:30-8:30ish eat some popcorn (toothpicks available) and learn about your bicycle.  Call us at 360-255-2072, stop on down (Thur. Fri. Sat. 12-6), or by email at to sign up.  Limited to 7 guests.  See you there.

Bike sale to the infinite!

Every day is a bike sale at the HUB! We created a Facebook event series so that you can share the love with all your buds.

Click here to view the event on Facebook, and swing by soon to pick up a new ride!

Save Oyster Dome

Thought you all would like to hear about whats happening to our local woods and what can be done to help. If you are in to that sort of thing. Check the vid. Thanks

Pedal Powered Musicians are coming!

Sat, June 25 
Look Out Arts Quarry
3pm Showtime
Sunday, June 26
Boundary Bay Brewery
Noon-3pm Showtime

Check out the link below for more information.

Pump Track in Bellingham!

Hello Hub fans, check out this information below posted by WMBC. They have some cool ideas to make our city even better.


Pump Tracks in our city Parks:

Bellingham residents, we need your help!

As many of you know, we’ve been working with Bellingham City Parks for a couple of years proposing that the WMBC build pumptracks in our parks. I’ve suggested and toured many sites with our Parks Director, Parks staff and even a couple of our city council members – who are all very supportive. After many visits, we narrowed the first location to an almost never-used grass field in Whatcom Falls Park that is near the playground, basketball courts, parking lot and a future bathroom.

Last Wednesday morning, Eric presented our Whatcom Falls Pumptrack proposal to the City Parks Advisory Board to ask for their recommendation to amend the Park Master Plan. Ultimately City Council will vote on that, but we are asking the Advisory board for a recommendation. You can see that presentation here:…/wmbc_wf_presentat…

Based on the amount work that’s gone into vetting the site and an all-star team to build it (at zero cost to the city), it felt like a slam dunk. The vote was tabled ’til next month’s meeting after a couple of the Board members didn’t agree with Whatcom Falls as a good location. In fact, this is a perfect location because it is surrounded by neighborhoods (rideable for kids to the pumptrack), we have 4 kids bike clubs near it, it’s near other facilities and has good shade which helps with maintenance While pump tracks might be considered an “emerging” activity locally, there are already hundreds built around the country in public parks (Santa Cruz has 7 of them).

Long story short, if you’d like to give our kids easier access to ride their bikes and get them off X Box / Social Media, would you be so kind as to write in support these types of opportunities in our parks? While Whatcom Falls would be the first location, we’re already looking at future locations with Parks Staff for various neighborhoods. As always, keep your letter positive in tone and express why you feel these will benefit our various neighborhoods. A well-crafted and civil letter goes a long way.

Please send your letter to the Parks Board and be sure to include our Parks Director and City Council: ; ;

The 13th Annual Pancake Feed!

It is the month of May which means… Get on your bike its bike month! And to celebrate, the Hub is hosting its 13th annual Bike to Work and School Day’s Pancake Feed. Come on down between 7am and 10:30am for the best breakfast party in the western hemisphere. (I hear North Korea hosts a bitchin’ Crepe Feed) There will be pancakes, breakfast meat from Carne, coffee, music and a mini bike race!

Help Preserve Blanchard Mountain

Hello All,

Quick reminder, areas of Blanchard Mountain will be logged beginning spring 2017 unless our state legislature funds the purchase of adjacent lands to protect the core area.  A map is attached to the email. More info can be found here:

Areas within the proposed Core Area to be protected include:

▪  Lily and Lizard lakes and the campsites by each lake.

▪  Oyster Dome viewpoint.

▪  North Butte viewpoint.

▪  Samish Overlook.

▪  About 8 miles out of a total of 11 1/2 miles of trail in Blanchard Forest.

This coming Sunday there will be an opportunity for folks to show their support for Blanchard Mountain, and demonstrate to Washington’s elected officials the importance of public access to healthy trails on Blanchard Mountain.
Everyone is invited to join us for a run/ride, a sharing of the trails.  
What:  15ish miles of mountain biking and running over Blanchard and up to the top of Cleator Rd in the Chuckanuts.
Beginning at the Lily/Lizard Lake trailhead, up and over Blanchard, down British Army, across the valley over the logging roads, and back by Lost Lake via the Rock Trail up to the top of Cleator.  About 15 miles. Once at the top of Cleator Rd, folks can choose to head back to Bellingham via the Ridge Trail, or down to the interurban.  Hiking is totally viable, but will take much longer.
When: Sunday April 17, be ready to ride or run at 11AM
Where: The lower parking lot for Lily/Lizard Lakes, directions below.  
Why: To bring attention to the potential demise of some of these trails.  
There will be salmon, snacks, and beverages at the top of Cleator Rd for all present, until supplies run out.
Please carpool, and park in areas that won’t affect the regular users of these parks and trails.  The lot at the top of Cleator Rd is small, please try and park at the bottom of the road, or the North Chuckanut Parking Lot.
There will be directions for those unfamiliar with the trails connecting the two areas, and flagging will be used to indicate the correct route.  Nice people will be present at the Lily/Lizard Lake parking lot to help get people organized.
Directions to Lily/Lizard Lakes Trailhead
Directions to the fiesta at the top of Cleator Rd
Turn east off Chuckanut Drive on Hiline Rd, near milepost 16, cross the interurban trail, and head up the gravel road.
Feel free to forward this message to anyone interested in keeping Blanchard’s trails and vistas open and enjoyable to the public.

Locks for components

Pinhead Locks has come out with some nifty ways to keep your components yours. If you find yourself replacing seat posts and wheels more then you want to check out their link below.

Pinhead Locks Here!