Here are some of the wonderful goofs you may encounter if you roll on down to the Hub.


Kyle is the original creator and organizer of The Hub and continues to SUPER-vise our daily happenings. You might encounter him kayaking, pedaling, or skipping along in any and every corner of Whatcom County. Kyle enjoys a good laugh and he ALWAYS wears a helmet. Kyle is a frequent eater of breakfast, lunch, and other meals, and has extensive experience in navigating the local landscape in wet weather.


Dazzling Dennis can get your ride in tip-top shape or build you a custom ripper specifically suited to your wildest adventures. He enjoys outdoor adventures, skidding through deep puddles, and having a cold one with his shades on. He is also a welder of various contraptions. Dennis is a frequent climber of hills and occasional climber of trees, and feels it is his patriotic duty to show the young whippersnappers what’s what in the skate park.


Alex is our resident Reconditional Therapist and Baristbro. He knows a lot about power tools and getting from point A to point B in a timely fashion. Alex enjoys hooting back at the owls, and he can often be found hurtling down hills at significant speed.