Pump Track in Bellingham!

Posted on June 4, 2016 at 7:11 pm.

Hello Hub fans, check out this information below posted by WMBC. They have some cool ideas to make our city even better.


Pump Tracks in our city Parks:

Bellingham residents, we need your help!

As many of you know, we’ve been working with Bellingham City Parks for a couple of years proposing that the WMBC build pumptracks in our parks. I’ve suggested and toured many sites with our Parks Director, Parks staff and even a couple of our city council members – who are all very supportive. After many visits, we narrowed the first location to an almost never-used grass field in Whatcom Falls Park that is near the playground, basketball courts, parking lot and a future bathroom.

Last Wednesday morning, Eric presented our Whatcom Falls Pumptrack proposal to the City Parks Advisory Board to ask for their recommendation to amend the Park Master Plan. Ultimately City Council will vote on that, but we are asking the Advisory board for a recommendation. You can see that presentation here: https://kevinmenard.files.wordpress.com/…/wmbc_wf_presentat…

Based on the amount work that’s gone into vetting the site and an all-star team to build it (at zero cost to the city), it felt like a slam dunk. The vote was tabled ’til next month’s meeting after a couple of the Board members didn’t agree with Whatcom Falls as a good location. In fact, this is a perfect location because it is surrounded by neighborhoods (rideable for kids to the pumptrack), we have 4 kids bike clubs near it, it’s near other facilities and has good shade which helps with maintenance While pump tracks might be considered an “emerging” activity locally, there are already hundreds built around the country in public parks (Santa Cruz has 7 of them).

Long story short, if you’d like to give our kids easier access to ride their bikes and get them off X Box / Social Media, would you be so kind as to write in support these types of opportunities in our parks? While Whatcom Falls would be the first location, we’re already looking at future locations with Parks Staff for various neighborhoods. As always, keep your letter positive in tone and express why you feel these will benefit our various neighborhoods. A well-crafted and civil letter goes a long way.

Please send your letter to the Parks Board and be sure to include our Parks Director and City Council: parksboard@cob.org ; cc@cob.org ; lbryson@cob.org